2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon Gets TransBrake from the Factory

Dodge is slowly and painfully eking out more information on the new Demon before it debuts next month. In its eleventh teaser, Dodge reveals that the Hellcat on steroids will feature the world’s first factory application of TransBrake for a production car. According to Dodge, TransBrake will allow the Demon to achieve launch forces previously unattainable by street […]

These Radical EVs From Audi, BMW, Mercedes, and Porsche Arrive in Just a Few Years

America might be awash with cheap gas, but China’s appalling smog problem and the growing backlash against diesels in Western Europe’s crowded cities have forced Germany’s premium automakers to re-evaluate their markets, especially since last year the Chinese bought more than 22 million vehicles and the Europeans bought 14 million. The major players in Munich, […]

First Drive: 2017 Mini Countryman

PORTLAND, Oregon — “Geez, this road is narrow,” I said to my co-driver Jeff as I put the Countryman’s left tires over the double yellow line. And then, with a glance in his direction: “Did I just say that? In a Mini?” Though it wasn’t obvious from Jeff’s reply (“Straight! Drive straight! Don’t look at […]

2016 Toyota Mirai Update 2: Mirai vs. Clarity

The Toyota Mirai has a new competitor. In December, Honda rolled out the first copies of its Clarity Fuel Cell, taking aim at the Mirai, which is the only other hydrogen fuel cell sedan on the market. Here are a few ways the two vehicles compare: Dimensions The two cars might look wildly different from […]

2017 Dodge Durango GT Long-Term Arrival: One Year in a Sharp, Three-Row SUV

It happened again. I got attached. Like saying goodbye to the friend who is moving across the country, as I handed over the keys to my beloved Range Rover Sport for the last time, I was filled with feelings of regret about things we could have done and places we could have visited together. This […]